The Honor Park Story

The first time I laid eyes on Redford the Great Sequoia, I knew something awesome like a half-pipe had to be built underneath it.

There was something special about this yard. Every time I went out there I sensed something unusually magical about it like an ancient city was under it, or dinosaur bones, or a chest with old game consoles in it. But all I ever found out there was a nasty old fork with a few bent prongs. How does a fork even get so mangled? Who does that?

During this same time I was spending tons of quality time with young dudes in Scouting, at the skate parks, and teaching lessons on how to make video games and cool art. I enjoyed my time with young dudes. Young dudes are so fun to hang out with, and I found that we liked most of the same things: making stuff, movies, and eating. Young dudes tell things how they are and don't hold back. They're honest. I started to see how smart, detail oriented, dynamic, capable, hilarious, and strong young dudes are. My admiration and respect for them peaked. Young buddy reading this, I hope you think as highly of yourself as I think of you. You rule bro! Gimme a high-five through the glass for being awesome!

A contributing factor to all of this is that I had been working in the video game industry as well as the film industry, which was super rad, but I saw some very concerning things in how games and movies were being made and what was being put into them. Particularly ones made for young people.

I started asking myself, how is this stuff affecting my young buddies? As I interacted with young dudes I could tell by the things they brought up that they were confused by the half truths and misrepresentations on the internet, youTube, TV shows, games and movies. This confusion related to important topics like girls, fame, worth, and violence. I was constantly needing to intervene to explain the full story about things. I was having to explain the context that tv shows were conveniently leaving out and that games were falsely glamorizing. When it came down to it, young dudes were getting shafted by adults making media. Young dudes were not getting the respect they deserved!

I realized that my young buddies could use a show just for them. Not something for toddlers, and not something boring, but something that was good and that they'd enjoy watching. I had all of the skills and know-how to do it, and if there was something I didn't know how to do, I would figure it out or ask a young dude how.

A slow building and powerful urge dawned on me; I could take the awesome magical powers of my yard and combine them with my admiration for young dudes to make a sweet show just for my young buddies! I had the perfect set in my mind that would incorporate sports and extreme sports, games and video games, a place for making stuff like animation, and of course, a place for learning sweet skills. Above all, it could be a place where I could properly present Honor. Pause for reverence. Double pause for more. I could present what Honor is and how it's relevant in the modern world. Yeah! It's alive! It's alive! Ha, haha ahahha hhahah... Sorry, too far with the weird laughing.

It was time to take action. I knew that the young dudes of America, and our world, deserved an epically awesome show! They had been waiting, but didn't know it, and I was ready to make it happen. I grabbed a pencil, some paper, and some drumsticks and began to plan it all out. That's when Honor Park the show was born. Ahhhhhhhh (awesome choir sound). Most stories end with an ending. This story ends with the beginning. This is only the beginning of what's ahead. Let's do this!


Honor Park Show

Honor Park is a show for young dudes about Honor: Honesty, Chivalry, Nonviolence, Useful Skills, and Strength.

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About Andrew Redford Young

Andrew first got into filmmaking as a sponsored skateboarder making skate movies. He studied animation in college and went to work at XBox making video games and DreamWorks Animation making feature animated films. He is now heading up Honor Park full-time. He lives in the Bay Area, south of San Francisco with his sweetheart wife Arica, awesome son Taj, and two dogs Hippo and Birdie.

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